P&C - Fundraising

Funds raised by the HHPS P&C are reinvested in providing essential services to the school community and put towards new initiatives. The P&C enjoys working with the Principal to determine how these funds should be allocated. We are committed to providing our students with improved equipment, resources and services.

Recently, we gave the administration block and Eulbertie a fresh coat of paint. In 2014 the P&C funded the installation of air conditioning in Eulbertie. Prior to that, the P&C invested in a Robotics program, which is now a much-loved feature of the HHPS curriculum.

2018 Target

We’re currently raising funds to redevelop the playground along the sandstone wall in both the K-2 and 3-6 areas. A Grounds committee has been established to plan this work. Staff, students and parents are equally excited about this wonderful project.