Our School - Attendance & Absences

Missing school means your child misses out on vital information and maintaining learning routines. This can result in a loss of confidence and missing out on forming vital friendships.

Attendance is recorded each day. As a parent or caregiver you are responsible for ensuring your child attends school every day, including sports days unless your child:

• has an unavoidable medical or dental appointment (preferably these should be made after school or during holidays)
• is required to attend a recognised religious holiday
• is required to attend an exceptional or urgent family circumstance (such as attending a funeral)
• is sick, or has an infectious illness.

If your child has to be absent from school for any reason, a written note must be provided to the class teacher within seven days. Alternatively, you can complete the absentee e-form on our APP.

If your child arrives late or you need to collect them early from school you must go to the office and sign the Late to School / Permission to Leave School Grounds Register.

If you are having difficulty getting your child to attend school regularly, you might like to talk to the school principal or the school counsellor.